Katadyn Group

Ueli Steck, extreme mountaineer and solo climber

„At home, I invest a lot of time in cooking. For me, eating is an important moment. But on trips, the goal is often to absorb much energy within a short time. Meals must be easy to prepare and offer a variety of tastes. Trek‘n Eat is just perfect for this purpose. All you need is hot water. The pan will remain clean and does not have to be washed. And the menus are rich and varied! Ending a day with a delicious dessert is pure luxury on expeditions. Trek‘n Eat is luxury with a low weight to carry!“

Arved Fuchs, polar researcher and book author

„I can probably claim quite legitimately that I hold the record for the consumption of Trek’n Eat meals. Since my 1989/90 Antarctic expedition, they’ve been with me on all my expeditions. On our expedition ship, the “Dagmar Aaen”, they form the basis of our food supplies. Trek’n Eat is unbeatable whenever it’s necessary to cut down on weight and volume, but when you still need a tasty, fortifying meal to regain your strength after a hard day.“

Robert Peroni

The sun is shimmering through the soft mist. Beset by a slight sensation of "white out" for hours, we three are advancing through the mist in search of our base camp. The tents, half covered with drifting snow, are not so easy to find. We must rely on GPS assistance. We are tired, and the only thing we have been hearing for 12 hours now is the crunching noise of our skis on the snow. But there are also magnificent moments of unworldly beauty when we catch a glimpse of the wild, solitary, virgin Schweizerland Massif mountains from the inland ice.

We are tired. But the tents are gradually appearing. 66° 29’ 54.87“ ,  38° 54’ 58.63“ at the Helheim Glacier on the eastern edge of the inland ice of Greenland.

What a joy to come back, take off our shoes, and slip quickly into our sleeping bags.

Our hunger is enormous. We light the stove, put snow into the cooking pot - granular snow - and put the lid on. "Chili con Carne or Hunter's Stew? Makes no difference, both have a super taste." The snow melts in the pot. I stir in the dry mix. We are at an altitude of more than 1.000 meters and let the meal simmer gently for a few minutes. Not really necessary, but it improves digestibility and brings out the fine taste after a few minutes' cooking. The tent is transformed into a kitchen. Delicate fragrances wafting through the tent whet our appetites - true balm for our souls. The meal is simply delicious, what a treat! Our crumpled stomachs look forward to our leisurely meal. Look forward to easy digestibility and the balanced blend of spices in the stew.

Martin Hülle, photographer and adventurer

„During an extremely energy-sapping expedition lasting 30 or 40 days, food must at once be nutritious, low-weight, and easy to prepare. The freeze-dried specialty food of Trek‘n Eat satisfies all these criteria. It offers a careful balance of energy supply, taste, and field-worthiness under the special prevailing cooking conditions. The many different meals with and without meat offer wide variety and are all very tasty. After all, an expedition is also expected to be fun – and a balanced diet is part of that!“